Housing & Accommodations

On-Campus Residence: Your Home Away From Home

New friends, new home, new adventures! Living on-campus is an incredible opportunity to enjoy a safe, fun, and friendly community. 

Why You Should Choose Residence

Bolu Fabwano Life-Long Friendships & Networking Opportunities

"When I first arrived and didn't know anyone, my neighbour in residence helped me settle in. His whole family came and knocked on my door when I was feeling lonely. They helped me to feel at home. Whenever there were holiday breaks and everyone left to visit family, I had no family close by. But Eric always took me with him, and I got to meet his friends and family. It was really cool." (Bolu Fabanwo from Nigeria, HBComm)

Ragi Ramash

Conveniently Located

“I really liked how close it was to the University - I didn’t have to use the bus or anything to travel. I came in the winter and since I didn’t know anyone it was very convenient to stay in residence.” (Ragi Ramesh from India, Geology)

On-Campus Living Options

Living in residence is a huge part of your life as a Lakehead student. From your very first day, you will meet new people from all around the world and start establishing friendships that will last a lifetime. 

On-Campus Residence

Exterior shot of Lakehead's Bartley ResidenceLiving in one of our on-campus residence units, you'll be only a few steps away from your classes and labs. Residence students enjoy additional supports and security and can take advantage of all of the social events Residence Services offers. 

We encourage you to register for Residence by the following deadlines. Submissions made after these dates will be considered pending room availability.

  • For Fall term start - register before June 1
  • For Winter term start - register before December 10 
  • For Spring term start - register before April 1

As you begin browsing the Residence options at the links below, keep the following things in mind:

  • You are not automatically placed in Lakehead University Residence. You must complete and submit a Residence registration form online.
  • Once your residence registration is complete (including the form and submission of residence down payment), you will receive a residence contract with your room assignment. Please read it carefully.
  • For other key dates relating to Residence, please visit: Residence Important Dates

For complete information about residence options, costs, meal plans, and more, please visit the Residence website for your campus:

Our Thunder Bay Residence Our Orillia Residence

Food On Campus

Students sitting at a table in the Orillia CafeteriaDepending on which Residence option you choose, your meal plan will either be included automatically (Residence Halls) or optional (Apartments or Townhouses). 

Choose from a wide variety of cuisines including North American favourites, vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten-free, and Asian food options. To explore all the dining options in the cafeterias and other outlets around campus, to view sample meals, and more, visit:

Thunder Bay Campus Meal Plans

Orillia Campus Meal Plans 

Cafeteria Hot Meals    Cafeteria Self Serve

Off-Campus Living Options

Off-Campus Living

If you choose to live off-campus, below are some of the ways you can find a room or apartment to rent:

You may also find the following Settlement.org links helpful:

NOTE: If you choose to pursue an off-campus housing option, Lakehead University strongly encourages you to view the accommodations before signing any rental agreement and paying a deposit, or have a trusted friend or family member view them on your behalf. 

Accommodation within close proximity to the university is very much in demand and can be difficult to find, particularly after the first week of September. Therefore, it is important that you try to arrive in Thunder Bay or Orillia as early as possible if you are planning to look for something off-campus.

Temporary Accommodations

If you have not been able to arrange housing before arriving, you may wish to book temporary or short-term accommodations while you look for a permanent living option. 

Here are some options to consider for Thunder Bay:

There are many other hotels and motels in Thunder Bay. Please check rates before booking.