Water Resource Science

Our Water Resource Science program is the only undergraduate program of its kind in Canada, and will provide you with the necessary skills and scientific knowledge to protect and advocate for our most valuable resource. 

The study of Water Resource Science emphasizes how the ecology, physical processes and chemistry of natural systems interact and produce the diverse environments present on Earth. As a student, you will learn:

  • The effects of human activity on the environment
  • Techniques for rehabilitating damaged systems
  • Water-related public policies
  • The biological, physical and chemical aspects of aqueous systems

Our well-rounded curriculum is designed to give you the opportunity to look at wetland, lake, river and groundwater systems from various perspectives, and explore their interconnectedness. In addition to the program's unique subject matter, its interdisciplinary nature and focus on hands-on, field-based learning sets it apart from other environmental studies and environmental sciences programs across Canada. Our location on the shore of the largest lake in the world makes Lakehead University the perfect place to study Water Resource Science.

Lakehead Advantage

Our program is the only undergraduate program in Canada specializing in water resources. Our location on Lake Superior, the largest lake in the world -surrounded by rivers, small inland lakes, and the boreal forest makes Lakehead University the best possible institution to study Water Resource Science. This setting provides a natural laboratory where you can run analytical procedures in the lab within minutes of collecting fresh samples.

We host a variety of field trips in the area, and regularly hold classes on the bank of the river flowing through campus. This immersive learning experience is unparalleled, as many other universities are located far from woodlands, wetlands, and undisturbed natural systems.

In addition to your BSc/HBSc in Water Resource Science, you may pursue a Specialization in Applied Environmental Water Management. This option requires you to complete your second year at Confederation College in the Environmental Technician Diploma program. Upon graduation, you will be eligible to receive your Water and Wastewater Operator in Training (OIT) and your Entry Level Drinking Water Operator certifications.  


Lakehead University's Water Resource Science programs welcome college graduates to apply for admission consideration.

For more information regarding specific admission requirements as well as transfer credit details, visit here.