Enrich Your Education

You may earn up to six bonus points to add to your final Introductory Psychology grade by participating in research, or by writing a one page, double-spaced, summary of a Psychology article (1% per 1 hour of research participation or research summary) or a combination of the two. Participating in a psychology study offers you a unique perspective on what it means to be a subject and exposes you to possible thesis studies. Listings of psychology experiments available for credit are constantly updated throughout the year.

We have two student associations open to Psychology students: the Psychology Association for Lakehead Students (PALS) and Psi Chi. PALS hosts workshops, mentorship opportunities, networking events, and presentations throughout the year to engage students both on-campus and in the field of study. 

Our Psi Chi chapter is part of an internationally recognized honours society. Members must have a GPA in the top 35% of their class across the university, and minimum 3.0 GPA average for psychology courses. Benefits of becoming a Psi Chi member include:

  • Exclusive scholarships and bursaries
  • Regional and national convention opportunities
  • Publication opportunities
  • Recognition and honour of achievements 
  • Professional networking

Every year we host a series of presentations for third and fourth year students with information about how to apply to graduate school, write exams, apply for scholarships, and more. This is to set all of our students up for success and to ensure everyone has equal access to beneficial resources and information.