Enrich Your Education

We provide a Co-Operative Education option that will supplement your education with work experience in industries that specialize in physics-based technologies such as semiconductor and communications, medical physics, or meteorology. Placements take place in the summer terms between third, fourth and fifth year, and the fall term of fifth year. For more information, visit our Co-Operative Option Program page.

We have many student-run societies and clubs that cater to virtually any interest! These organizations are integral to our sense of community on campus. They host events, fundraisers, workshops, and competitions to bring people together and raise awareness for unique topics and issues. Visit our Student Clubs and Associations page for more information, as well as a listing of Student Centres.

Expand your knowledge and academic experience overseas through Lakehead University’s Study Abroad Program. In third and fourth year, our students have gone on to supplement their studies in places as far as Korea, Singapore, and Sweden, all while gaining transferable credits to be applied to their Interdisciplinary Studies Degree. Study abroad opportunities can last up to one academic year. For more information visit our Study Abroad page.