Contrary to popular belief, the study of English is not simply about books. English is a wide-ranging field of study that uses textual analysis to dig deeper into our society and the world around us.

At Lakehead University, the flexibility of our English program encourages you to follow your own interests within the discipline. You’ll learn about the historical development of English language literature - from the Medieval to the contemporary period - as well as different theoretical approaches to the study of literary and cultural texts.

We offer a broad range of courses including:

  • Poetry
  • Film
  • Popular Culture
  • Creative, Academic, and Professional Writing
  • Gender Studies
  • Children’s Literature
  • Fiction
  • And much more

The Lakehead Advantage

Our small class sizes facilitate an intimate and interactive learning environment from first year all the way to the graduate level. Our professors are always available if you need clarification or extra support throughout the year. 

While research and writing is very important to our professors, teaching excellence is our number one priority. Many of our professors have won the Distinguished Instructor Award - Lakehead University’s most prestigious teaching honour.

Our outstanding faculty ensure you graduate from the English program with advanced:

  • Creative and critical thinking skills
  • Written and verbal communication strategies
  • Textual and argumentation analysis capabilities
  • Understanding of diverse cultural and historical contexts
  • Genre conventions knowledge
  • Research methods skills

Our exceptional learning environment sets the stage for academic, professional, and personal success by emphasizing the development of strong analytical and creative abilities.