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M. Boyd
A. Cornwell
M. Dowsley
C. Gottardo
S. Hamilton
M. Johnston
C. Matheson
F. Pendea
T. Randall
R. Robson
R. Stewart
M. Stroink
B. Wilson
W. Wilson

Boyd, M.

2014 - Burchill, Amanda ~ Plant Microfossil Analysis of Middle Woodland Food Residues, Northern Minnesota

2012 - Lints, Andrew ~ Early Evidence of Maize (Zea mays ssp. mays) and Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) on the Northern Plains: An Examination of Avonlea Cultural Materials (AD 300-1100)

2011 - Kingsmill, Leslie ~ Middle Holocene Archaeology and Paleoenvironments of the Thunder Bay Region, Lake Superior Basin


 Cornwell, A. 

2014 - Schweitzer, Margaret ~ Landscape Indicators of Old Tower Road Archaeological Site (DbJm-6), Thunder Bay District


Dowsley, M.

2014 - Farr, Shannon ~ Managing Canada's Park Systems: Exploring Aboriginal Involvement in Canadian National Parks

2014 - Keffer, Aaron ~ Building Trust, Addressing Uncertainty: Developing Aboriginal Consultation Practices for Mineral Exploration Companies

2014 - York, Jordan ~ Polar Bears: The Conservation of an Arctic Icon in a Warming Climate

2012 - Inksetter, Jocelyn B ~ Women and Work: Analyzing the Mixed Economy in Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut

2011 - Petrone-Reitburger, Elysia ~ Aboriginal Consultation for the Ontario Mining Act Modernization Process: Varying Perspectives on Whether the Consultation Process Works


Gottardo, C.

2011 - Adams, Matthew ~ Local Variation of Trace Element Concentration in Usnea subfloridana

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Hamilton, S.

2016 - Sutton, Garth ~ Ecological Implications of the 18th & 19th Century Fur Trade: A Study of Five HBC Post's Accounts

2015 - Bennett, Gjende ~ Late Paleoindian Biface Manufacture: A Case Study from the Mackenzie I Site (DdJf-9) near Thunder Bay, Ontario

2015 - Langford, Dale ~ Interpreting the Spatial Disturbtion of Lithic Artifacts from the RLF Paleoindian Site (DdJf-13), Thunder Bay Region, Northwestern Ontario

2015 - McCulloch, Breane ~ An Intra-site Spatial Analysis of the Late Paleoindian Mackenzie Site (DdJf-9), near Thunder Bay, Ontario

2013 - Finch, David ~ It Is Only the Beginning: An Ethnohistory of Mid-Twentieth Century Land Tenure in Fort Severan, Ontario

2013 - Markham, Samantha ~ Projectile Point Assemblage Variability at the Paleoindian Mackenzie 1 site, near Thunder Bay, Ontario

2012 - Yahn, Douglas ~ Urban Archaeology and McKellar Island Social History

2011 - Cote, Holly ~ Living  Landscapes of Granville Lake Manitoba


Johnston, M.

2016 - Carlson, Jessica ~ Exploring the Potential for Achieving Self-determined Community Economic Development in Nunavut: An Examination of the Government of Nunavut's Economic Development Strategies

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Matheson, C.

2015 - Cook, Russell ~ Mutli-analytical Residue Analysis of the Trihedral Adze: A Case Study for the Introduction of New Methodologies in Boreal Forest Archaeology


Pendea, F.

2016 - Tilotta, Kirsten ~ Long-term relationships between carbon sequestration, hydrology, and
tephra disturbance in a northern peatland (Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia)


Robson, R.

2012 - Odber, Kirsten ~ Trading with the Hudson’s Bay Company: A Case Study of Nipigon House Post 1828 - 1838


Randall, T.

2011 - Doff, Bradley ~ A GIS-based decision-support model lnking urban forest benefits with sustainability goals: an application to Thunder Bay, Ontario

2011 - McColm, Lindsay ~ A Cartographic Analysis of Ecological Boundary Symbology

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Stewart, R.

2015 - Kaurin, Kady ~ Monitoring for Success in Stream Restoration: A Case Study of the Kama Creek, North Shore of Lake Superior

2014 - Buonocore, Alison ~ The Soft Path Approach as a Water Management Strategy: A Case Study in Thunder Bay, Ontario

2013 - Lino, Amanda ~ Through the Looking Glass: A Qualitative Study of Film In First Nation Communities

2013 - Sorenson, Hiliarie ~ Citizen-Based Monitoring and Lakewide Management: Recommendations for Information Sharing and Partnership Development in the Lake Superior Basin

2013 - Wraggett, Kestrel ~ An Evaluation of Stormwater Remediation Options on McVicar Creek, Thunder Bay, Ontario

2010 - Roy, Matt ~ Developing First Nations Perspectives on Water


Stroink, M.

2011 - Chevrette, Lee-Ann ~ Community Gardening: Exploring Motivation, Benefits and Gardener Experience


Wilson, B.

2010 - Wintle, Sarah ~ Finding Food Deserts: A Spatial Analysis of Food Security in Northwestern Ontario (1996-2006)


Wilson, W.

2009 - George, Colleen ~ A Century of Change: Documenting Ecological Landscape Patterns in Northwestern Yunnan, China