Skills Inventory and Catalogue

What is a Skills Inventory?

Developed out of a suggestion to improve our ability as a campus to learn from each other and have a better understanding and awareness of our strengths and expertise, the Skills Inventory aims to provide those linkages.

All staff and faculty are invited to complete the Skills Inventory Form which will ask a series of questions relating to your skills, certifications, expertise, and special interests. By providing your information you are agreeing to share that information with peers who may be interested in asking you questions or requesting support from you in the areas you have identified.

Additionally, the Inventory Form has a section for those who are “seeking out” someone who has expertise or special interest in a particular area. This may be useful for someone who is starting a new project and would like peer support, someone who is looking for a facilitator on a specific topic, or someone who is looking to get more involved in the university community. For example, if you wanted to share your expertise in advanced level Excel, or if you were looking for a crash course in Spanish, participating in the Skills Inventory can provide you with both.

Upon completion of the Inventory Form, respondents will receive the Skills Inventory Catalogue displaying the categories and information provided by their peers who they can then contact as needed.

Whether you’re interested in personal or professional learning, or you’d like to share your expertise, the Skills Inventory is for you. Join us in connecting with peers and cultivating possibilities on the Orillia campus.

Orillia Skills Inventory Form


Skills Inventory Catalogue