Freedom to Connect Friday

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Whether it be virtual or in-person, developing good relationships in the workplace has so many benefits – improved team morale, increased creativity, and a greater sense of purpose. It’s what adds richness to our days. In addition, strong interpersonal relationships give us freedom: freedom to focus on opportunities for collaboration, on ways we can support each other, and ultimately on ways to build a team that functions more effectively and delivers exceptional service to our students.

In an effort to connect us all, we've introduced Freedom to Connect Fridays to make a point of interacting informally on Fridays in order to keep those casual, but meaningful, conversations going in this challenging environment.

Here are a few ideas on how to connect and engage:

  • Turn on your video while on conference calls and 1:1 meetings. Visual communication fosters effective communication.
  • Schedule Zoom coffee/tea breaks together.
  • Find those who have similar interests – cooking, sports, reading, etc. Maybe even engage in some friendly competition.
  • Schedule a Zoom or socially distanced lunch or walk with a colleague who might live in the same area.
  • Show your gratitude. Send an email, chat message, or voicemail to say thank you.
  • Offer your support. Ask how your colleague is doing and if there is any way you can lend a hand.

In addition to these opportunities, the OEC will be hosting Freedom to Connect Fridays throughout the year. We encourage you to check out the events happening below, and attend where you can. 

Upcoming Events