Dr. Olakunle Akingbola releases new book on employee engagement in nonprofit organizations

A new book by Dr. Olakunle Akingbola from the Faculty of Business Administration untangles the theory and practice of employee engagement in nonprofit organizations. 
Released by Palgrave Macmillan, Employee Engagement in Nonprofit Organizations: Theory and Practice examines the antecedents, dimensions, and consequences of employee engagement. This book provides evidence-based context specific models for the deployment of employee engagement to facilitate how individuals and teams contribute to and enhance organizational performance and community outcomes in nonprofit organizations.

Alongside the theoretical aspects are concrete examples of how to develop, implement and manage employee engagement in nonprofit employment relations and HR practices.  

Facilitating understanding of aspects of engagement that are unique to nonprofit organizations, this book offers researchers and students a comprehensive analysis of models that explain the role of the environment, the characteristics of employees and the organization in the dimensions of employee engagement in nonprofit organizations.