Professor releases new book on economic security

Photo of book cover

Dr. Rosario Adapon Turvey, Associate Professor of Sustainability Sciences and Geography and the Environment at Lakehead University, has just published her new book: “Perspectives on Economic Security” released by Cambridge Scholars Publishing on February 20, 2023. 

This book on economic security is particularly timely as the world economy confronts difficult challenges – such as the COVID-19 pandemic and high inflation rates that may trigger financial crisis and concerns about likely recessions in national economies and societies across the globe. 

Economic security is a valuable, influential and multi-dimensional subject of intellectual inquiry in the social sciences and interdisciplinary fields. This book explores the multifaceted perspectives on economic security from the standpoint of sustainability, labour, economic diplomacy, global development and fragile states. 

This book will inform learners, researchers and practitioners about recent research and pedagogical trends from a wide range of viewpoints shaping economic security and insecurity worldwide. 

For more information about Dr. Turvey’s book, please visit this page