Food Security Committee recognizes the important work of Stan Nemec

Photo of Stan Nemec receiving an award.

Stan Nemec recently received an award from the Planning Team of the Food Security Committee, presented by Cheryl D'Angelo, Director, Student Health and Wellness; Sierra Garofalo, Director of Food Security at LUSU, and Aimee Jaun, Associate Vice-Provost, Students. 

On June 28, the Planning Team of the Food Security Committee recognized Stan Nemec, Manager of Printing and Mail Services, for his tireless efforts to support student food security at Lakehead University.  

For many years Stan has led the annual departmental food drive in support of the LUSU Food Bank, now known as the LUSU Food Resource Centre.

Through his participation in countless Lakehead Community Council and Lakehead Social Committee events, Stan has worked to raise awareness of student food insecurity and has championed donations for the Food Resource Centre and other student food initiatives.  

Most recently, Stan helped to organize food donations for the LUSU Food Resource Centre during the recent Summerfest 2023 gathering on campus, part of the ongoing effort to support student health and wellness by members of the Lakehead University Social Committee.

The Food Security Committee wishes to thank Stan for being a Student Food Security Champion!