Tipi at Agora Circle

Tipi stands outside the Agora Circle

The 18-foot tipi at the Agora Circle was purchased from Assiniboine Tipis in Lundar, Manitoba. Tipis originated on the plains but today they have become a universal symbol for Indigenous peoples across Canada. They were once covered with bark or animal skins but now, many are made of canvas. The painting depicted on the tipi, called People of the Forest, acknowledges the Ojibwe peoples of this area. The door of the tipi faces east; away from the prevailing winds. The tipi’s conical shape is held up by 12 spruce poles measuring 23 feet. The smoke flaps at the top of the tipi are used to control smoke and air quality when a fire is made inside. They can also be closed when it’s raining.

The Indigenous Student Services Centre (ISSC) has erected the tipi at the Agora Circle for everyone’s enjoyment but remember to use it respectfully. As a safety precaution, individuals are not permitted to untie the ropes, remove pegs, or climb the tipi poles or ropes. Please be extremely cautious in crossing the Agora Circle drive, as it often has significant traffic and due to the Circle’s curves and trees, moving vehicles may not be easily visible.

Anyone wishing to use the tipi can contact the ISSC at adm.issc@lakeheadu.ca , call 807-343-8010 ext. 8085, or stop by UC 1007 to make a booking. If you have questions about the tipi, we’re happy to answer them!