New Book Written By Orillia Faculty and Students

A new book by several Lakehead co-authors, The Capitol Riots, explores the Capitol riots of January 2021, providing context for understanding the contributing factors and ongoing implications of the uprising. Written by Dr. Sandra Jeppesen, Professor of Media, Film, and Communications, Dr. Michael Hoechsmann, Associate Professor of Education, and current and former Lakehead University graduate students in Education, iowyth hezel ulthiin, David VanDyke, and Miranda McKee, The Capitol Riots includes contributions by Henry Giroux and Chenjerai Kumanyika.

Through an analysis of raw and visual data, this definitive text maps the events of the day, explores the rise of populism, disinformation, conspiracy theories, the alt-right, and white supremacy during the "Stop the Steal" campaign, and analyzes the complex interplay, during the riots that this campaign culminated in, of political performances, costumes, objectives, communications, digital media, datafication, race, gender, and ultimately power.

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The Capitol Riots book cover