Software Engineering is recognizing the work of second-year Technical Project students

software engineering students photo

Group members, from left, Paul Stoppel, Pearce Curle and Mason Tommasini came up
with a unique solution to a problem involving COVID-19.

The Department of Software Engineering is proud to present the work of its second-year Technical Project students from this semester.

The Department is particularly recognizing the talent of three students: Pearce Curle, Paul Stoppel, and Mason Tommasini, who shared their engineering design solution to a real-world problem facing society.

A “Vision-Based Occupancy Tracker System for Public Safety has been designed and prototyped, that uses computer vision to detect and record events triggered by motion of objects. This enables public places to control the number of people in an area, aiming to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

The student team aims to advance the prototype with additional features, such as facial recognition, and implement the system in a resource-limited hardware platform.