Lakehead Athletics featured in Campus Rec magazine

In the January/February edition of the international Campus Rec magazine, Lakehead University’s Laura Ferguson discussed the Healthy at Home series and addressed the challenge of offering virtual fitness.

“Virtual fitness changes how we approach our programming in a variety of capacities from staffing, class planning, equipment usage and more. The big questions we have to address are, ‘How do we make ourselves stand out and keep our students using our materials?' and 'How do we meet their specific needs currently?’

“The virtual fitness realm is huge, which means we have a lot more examples to look at, but also people and teams to compete with. Look at YouTube — you search ‘30-minute HIIT workout’ and pages on pages of free videos pop up. Campus recreation diving into virtual fitness is a whole different world and it means we have to work a lot harder to stand out and ensure our programming is unique and specific enough to the university population we serve.”

To read more, visit this website and turn to page 33 and 34 to learn about the online fitness options available to students, faculty and staff.