• Health, Hormones, and Behaviour Lab (HABLAB) 

*** I will NOT be accepting new graduate students for September 2023 (lab is full) ****

Current Ph.D. Students

  • Brandi Person 
  • Nicole Keir
  • Kristen Chafe

Current Masters Students 

  • Claudia Czechowski
  • Smruthi Venkateshan
  • Bianca Boboc


Past PhD Students:

Katelyn Duchene, Doctorate of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology), 2017. Variability in Women’s Perception of Potential Female Rivals: Effects of Fertility, Mating Orientation, and Revealing Dress Biases.

Missy Teatero, Doctorate of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology), 2016. Women’s Reproductive Experiences (REP) and Hormones:Patterns in Affective, Sexual, and Physical Well-Being. 

Maggie Phillips, Doctorate of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology), 2015. The Ovulatory Shift: Proceptive and Receptive Mating Behaviours Across the Menstrual Cycle.

Jessica Bird, Doctorate of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology), 2012. The Effects of Exogenous and Endogenous Gonadal Hormones and Hormonal Sensitivity on Eating Disorder Symptoms.

Meghan Richards, Doctorate of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology), 2011. Visuo-perceptual Task Performance Across the Menstrual Cycle in Women with and Without Premenstrual Symptoms: Potential Influences of Estradiol and Hormonal Sensitivity on Retinogeniculostriate, Extrastriate, and Elementary Retinal-Based Smooth Pursuit Pathways. (co-supervision)

Past M.A. Students:

  • Kristen Chafe, M.A. (Clinical Psychology), 2021. Thesis Title: A Cross-Sectional Examination of Aging, Alcohol Use, and Cognitive Health in The Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging (CLSA) Baseline Data. 
  • Nicole Keir, M.A. (Clinical Psychology), 2015. Thesis title: The Effects of Oral Contraceptives on Emotional Reactivity and Cognition.
  • Sebastien Laroque, M.A. (Clinical Psychology), 2015. Thesis title: Sex Differences in Jealousy:  Investigating Infidelity Types and Rival Characteristics   Using Animated Videos.
  • Brandi Person, M.A. (Clinical Psychology), 2015. Thesis title: Hormonal Contraceptives and Emotional Memory.
  • Katelyn Duchene, M.A. (Clinical Psychology), 2013. Thesis title: Individual Differences in Flirting and Attractivity Mating Strategies: Sex, Gender, and the Menstrual Cycle
  • Jennifer Patola, M.A. (Clinical Psychology), 2008. Thesis title: Men's Ability to Detect Cyclical Changes in Women's Facial and Bodily Attractiveness.
  • Meghan Richards, M.A. (Clinical Psychology), 2006. Thesis title: Polymorphic Regions of the Estrogen Receptor, Androgen Receptor and Serotonin Transporter Genes and their  Association with Mood Variability in Young Women.
  • Jessica Bird, M.A. (Clinical Psychology), 2006. Thesis title: The Involvement of Oral Contraceptive Side Effects and Genes in Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Dysfunction.
  • Janelle Jarva, M.A., 2006. Thesis title: Mood Reactivity and Oral Contraceptive Use: Do Oral Contraceptives Act as Mood Stabilizers?

 Past Honours Students:

Nora Klemencic, 2002-2003; Janelle Jarva 2002-2003; Roxanne Sterniczuk 2003-2004; Suzanna Marelli 2003-2004; Ryan Toxopeus 2003-2004; Jennifer Patola 2004-2005; Christina Zozula 2004-2005; Emily Morris 2006-2007; Brodie Marshall 2006-2007; Michelle Bong  2008-2009; Shelley Longpre  2008-2009; Amy Faught  2008-2009; Nicole Westlund  2009-2010; Bayley Ostenfeldt 2010-2011; Christine Waugh 2011-2012; Samantha Penney 2011-2012; Margarita SzymczakGrzyb 2013-2014; Kirsti Toivonen 2014-2015; Alannah MacLean 2015-2016; Katie Zugic 2017-2018; Angela Dela Cruz 2020-2021; Ritwik Nagar 2021-2022