Regional Research Fund

Regional Research Fund Guidelines 2022

Background and Purpose
The regional research fund is based on money provided through a regional endowment where the interest gained each year is awarded to Lakehead University academic staff. The purpose is to stimulate pilot research which has a direct application to, and a specific relevance for, Northwestern Ontario.

This fund is open to faculty members on both campuses in the Schools of Kinesiology, Nursing, Outdoor Recreation, and Parks & Tourism, and in the Faculties of Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Natural Resources Management, and Law. The order of priority for the assessment of the applications is as follows:
1. New projects by tenure-track faculty members
2. Continuing projects by tenure-track faculty members, based on a request for additional funding (one year only)
3. New projects by tenured faculty members
4. Continuing projects by tenured faculty members, based on a request for additional funding (one year only)
5. Other full-time Faculty members who are not in a tenured or tenure-track position are also eligible to receive funding as long as they remain employees of the University. For any funding recipient who vacates the University, unused portions of the funding must be returned.

Applications are to be submitted electronically via the Romeo Research Portal (application titled “Regional Research Fund”). In addition to the online application, applicants should include a list of the last five (5) years of related publications. To log into the Romeo Research Portal, log into myInfo using your usual username and password, then select Romeo Research Portal, under the web utilities drop-down menu. Applications can be found under APPLY NEW (on the right). Then click on the Regional Research fund application.

Submission deadline: 11:59 p.m. on MARCH 31, 2022

Applications not presented in the correct format or missing required information will not be considered for funding.

Funding will be based on the merit of each application in meeting the purpose of the funds, and on the order of priority of the applications received. Applications should include a budget of up to $1500.00. After all submissions have been assessed, the Committee will determine the specific amount to be awarded to each successful applicant.

If the proposed budget is greater than the amount available through this fund, researchers must identify other funding sources which will also be used for the project, if applicable. The Committee will consider capital equipment expenditures as part of the proposed budget. Although the decisions on awards will be made by late April funds will not be available for expenditure until May 1st .

Successful applicants will receive written notification of their award before April 31st, 2022 and will be contacted by the Research Accounts staff once their research account has been activated.

Applicants who receive funding may be eligible for one additional year of funding in order to continue the project for a second year. This will be conditional upon the submission of the Final Report and an indication that all research objectives from the previous year’s submission have been met. Applicants who wish to be considered for the additional year of funding must do so by submitting their request as a new project application in the subsequent year.

Funds will be available from May 1st , 2022 until April 31st , 2023. All unused research money as of March 31st will revert to the general funds of the committee, unless a request for a one-year extension of the project is submitted in the Final Report. If approved, the unused funds will be available to the researcher for one additional year only.

To accommodate the Finance Department, please ensure that no outstanding orders exist as of March 31st . Research funds are contracted through the Finance Office.

Ethics Approval
When human or animal subjects are involved in the proposed research study, a statement of ethics approval from the Lakehead University Research Ethics Board must be included with the submission.

Note: Funds will not be made available until required ethical approval has been obtained.

Accountability: Final Report
A Final Report is required from all funded applicants no later than March 31st , 2023. The report must be submitted via the Romeo Research Portal. After logging into Romeo, click on “Role: Principal Investigator” and then on “Applications: Post Review.” Find the file number associated with the RRF project, and click on “Events” to submit the Final Report.

The Final Report will include the following:
i. Detailed description as to how the funds were expended;
ii. A progress report indicating the stage of the research and an indication of the need for an extension of the current funding, if applicable;
iii. Dissemination details as to how and when the research will be disseminated based on the application.

Please note:
Successful applications who have not submitted their Final Report by the due date indicated above will not be considered for an extension of the current funding or for any additional funding in the following year.

Applications and Final Reports will be stored electronically in the Romeo Research Portal.