Other : IYS-Net Phase 1: Building Learning Health System Networks

How to Apply: 

The objectives of this funding opportunity as outlined on the CIHR site are as follows:

"The overarching objective of IYS-Net is to improve mental health services and outcomes for youth and their caregivers/families. This will be done by supporting pan-Canadian research, data and knowledge sharing across the IYS networks, thus enabling evidence-informed decision making that integrates research into practice and policy and strengthens each independent Learning Health System (LHS) network.

The specific objectives of Phase 1 are to:

  • Continue to build and strengthen research and knowledge mobilization capacity within and across IYS networks, including among researchers, service providers, decision makers, and policy makers.
  • Catalyze collaborations and knowledge sharing within and across IYS networks that will contribute evidence about best and wise practices regarding the development, implementation, policies, effectiveness, and ongoing monitoring of IYS in Canada, and using diverse research methods such as those based in Indigenous ways of knowing and engagement of youth and caregivers/families.
  • Support the uptake of common data approaches and open science practices within and across IYS networks to support LHS networks, and to identify best and wise practices for LHSs in community-based settings.
  • Facilitate effective and meaningful youth and caregiver/family engagement throughout all stages of the project, ensuring youth and caregivers/families, as well as providers and policy makers, all play key roles."
External Deadline: 
Thursday, May 11, 2023
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