Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Small Grant

How to Apply: 
The AMS Healthcare Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Small Grant Program provides highly qualified individuals (prepared with either a PhD or Master’s degree) a unique opportunity to apply their research and analytic talents to the critical challenge of the impact of digital technology and artificial intelligence (DT/AI) on the delivery of compassionate healthcare.  This innovative grant program is designed to support projects that will generate new knowledge and evidence to advance the education/training of undergraduate, graduate and practising healthcare professionals, and clinical, health systems and related field researchers on compassionate patient care and DT/AI. 
Proposals may include development and testing of new ideas, innovation in education or practice, or knowledge translation.  Projects might also include requests for seed funding to develop research initiatives. The project grants are expected to advance the education of health professionals or the provision of compassionate patient care and system delivery modalities that enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care services or health human resources and the ways that health practitioners will work in the future. There is an expectation that during the period of these grants or within a year of their completion, one or more publications/presentations will result from this funding.
Core criteria for the grants include:
1. the grant explores specific attribute(s) of compassion (i.e., provider-patient relationship, equity, trust, patient safety, suffering, provider burnout, etc.) in relation to digital technology/AI;
2. Compassion is clearly conceptualized and defined in the proposal1; and 3. the exploration of compassion in relation to digital technology/AI is core to the proposal.
External Deadline: 
Monday, April 17, 2023
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