Call for Proposals

How to Apply: 
Clinical Partnerships

These grants offer funding opportunities for clinicians to validate glycomics data from clinical studies. Maximum request: $50,000 for one year. Download PDF Request For Proposals >>

Translational Grants

These grants further advance/translate projects with proof of concept and protected IP. Maximum request: $150,000 for one year, 1:1 matching required. Download PDF Request For Proposals >>

Strategic Initiatives

These grants fund partner-led initiatives to advance a partner challenge. Maximum request: $150,000 for one year, with possibility of one year renewal, 1:1 matching required. Download PDF Request for Proposals >>

International Partnerships

GlycoNet has formalized a partnership with Academia Sinica to co-fund collaborative research between two entities. These grants fund projects that involve at least two groups, one in Canada and one in Taiwan. GlycoNet will fund research conducted in Canada, while Academia Sinica will fund research conducted in Taiwan. Projects require at least a 1:1 matching and must be completed within 12 months. Download PDF Request for Proposals >> 

External Deadline: 
Friday, March 11, 2022
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