Weston Family Awards in Northern Research

How to Apply: 

Since 2007, the Weston Family Awards in Northern Research have provided unparalleled support to young scientists undertaking research in Canada’s North.

Their research spans a broad spectrum of fields and disciplines in the natural sciences and is addressing key knowledge gaps in our understanding of northern landscapes. Since the awards program’s inception, nearly 300 young scientists have been supported resulting in a community of Weston Family Northern Scientists at the forefront of northern scholarship, all of whom share a passion for Arctic and Northern research and all of whom are helping to create a better future for Canada and for the world.

The awards are some of the largest in the country for students pursuing a master’s degree, doctoral degree or postdoctoral fellowship. The awards program supports an “Extended Stay” program that enables master’s and doctoral level students to apply for additional funding to engage with northerners (including Indigenous and nonIndigenous communities and community members), disseminate the results of their field research and maximize the impact of their work. The awards program also supports “Travel Allowances” for postdoctoral fellows that allow them to perform research in the North and attend conferences.

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Thursday, January 27, 2022
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