Operating Grant: HCRI - Data Analysis Using Existing Databases and Cohorts

How to Apply: 

The goal of the Data Analysis Grants is to use existing cohorts, data platforms and/or administrative datasets to advance healthy cities intervention research and implementation science specifically by addressing one or more of the following objectives:

  • Evaluating the impact on health and health equity of interventions to the physical, social or policy environment (including health system–mediated interventions);
  • Contributing analyses to directly inform the planning of physical, social or policy interventions with the purpose of improving urban population health or health equity;
  • Addressing critical contextual questions related to the implementation of one or more interventions and scaling up (knowledge sharing) of evidence-based interventions (including health system-mediated interventions);
  • Filling knowledge gaps that are critical for laying the foundation for future population health intervention research in urban areas. For example, increasing our understanding around how interventions may impact populations differentially according to gender, age, race, culture, ethnicity, income, or dis/ability;
  • Developing and/or validating indicators and other data or evaluation tools that enable robust, comparable, replicable and equitable healthy cities intervention research and implementation science (including health system-mediated interventions).
External Deadline: 
Thursday, November 7, 2024
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