CSPC Trailblazer Awards

How to Apply: 

The CSPC Trailblazer Awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated novelty and creativity through leadership, vision, courage, and commitment, and positively and significantly impacted the Canadian Science, Technology and Innovation ecosystem. These individuals have been instrumental in boldly spearheading change via one or more transformative initiatives, while blazing a trail and inspiring others to follow.

CSPC 2024 will present four Trailblazer Awards, one in each of the categories of Policy for ScienceScience for PolicyInnovation Policy and finally, a new award as of this year: Science & Society.

CSPC encourages nominations from all disciplines of policy and science (natural sciences, engineering and technology, health and life sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities) and from all sectors (governments at all levels, academia, private and nonprofit sectors, media, and others).

Please note that technological or scientific discoveries or inventions are not considered for this award.

If you are interested in being nominated for one of these awards, please contact Batia Stolar, Associate VP, Research & Graduate Studies, at bstolar@lakeheadu.ca.

External Deadline: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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