Operating Grant: Clinical Trials Projects

How to Apply: 

This funding opportunity will support projects relevant to at least one of the following research areas:

  • Clinical trials for new or repurposed drugs (including vaccines and biologic drugs) and medical devices (such as diagnostic tests) to prevent or respond to health emergencies.
  • Early phase (pilot, Phase 1 and Phase 2) clinical trials of safety and efficacy to support the development and commercialization of new health products with high potential to solve current and future health challenges¬†(such as pandemics, antimicrobial resistance, and other health emergencies)
    • New health products of particular interest for this opportunity include those in emerging technology areas (e.g., precision medicines, including cell and gene therapies, RNA, and viral vectors, and monoclonal antibodies).
External Deadline: 
Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Funding Source: 
Funding Level: