Collaborate with Industry

The Office of Innovation, Partnerships and Economic Development (IPED) office is the first point of contact for researchers, industry, and other external parties who wish to establish an industry-academic research partnership, or a research contract or agreement between university researchers and a government or non-profit organization.


Researchers often have significant external relationships to draw on when starting to engage in collaborative research. However, in those circumstances where connections do not exist, our office assists in connecting researchers and external parties. The IPED office is also the place to start for external business that are looking for university research expertise.  


To assist in this role, we participate in various commercialization related economic development initiatives, and invest time in developing and sustaining local, regional, and global networks.  Such networks are also crucial to support several aspects of IP commercialization, including invention evaluation, locating suitable licensees, developing commercialization strategies, determining appropriate compensation, start-up company development (i.e. raising financing, attracting experienced management), and supporting industry sponsored research activities.


Once potential research partners and a research project have been identified, the IPED office also negotiates and drafts industry-sponsored research and related contracts for Lakehead University.  To assist in this role, Lakehead has developed sample research collaboration contracts that address standard areas such as intellectual property, results sharing, publication, and graduate students.  We also have an experienced lawyer on staff to fast-track contract negotiations, and are open to considering industry partners contract templates in addition to our own.

How to engage in industry sponsored research

Researchers wishing to engage in industry sponsored research must provide sufficient information to the IPED office to allow suitable industry participants to be sourced, and contracts to be drafted and reviewed.  At a minimum, researchers should provide a budget, project title and synopsis, and other information listed on Schedule A to the University’s standard draft research contract.