Policies, Procedures and Forms

The Office of Innovation, Partnerships and Economic Development (IPED) exists to carry out the following functions:

Industry Research Partnerships:   assist Lakehead researchers in finding and building relationships with industry to partner on research projects.  Additionally, assist industry that are interested in carrying out research with the University to connect with suitable Lakehead researchers. Industry is broadly defined as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large industry, not-for-profit corporations and all levels of government.

Intellectual Property Management and Licensing:  evaluate newly disclosed inventions and other intellectual property.  Where appropriate, assist with the effective transfer of Lakehead innovations to the private sector where these discoveries can be developed for public use and benefit, through licensing or start-up/spin-off companies.

Start-Up Company Development:  Where appropriate (i.e. when a suitable existing licensee cannot be located or when it makes sense from an economic development point of view), support the creation and implementation of new student-owned or faculty-owned start-up companies based on commercializing University intellectual property.

Economic Development:  support the activities of the President’s Advisory Council on Economic Development, assist in the implementation of various economic development initiatives, collect and report on metrics of success, work with local and regional municipalities and First Nations to support business retention, expansion and attraction and an active participant in the regional entrepreneur eco-system.

Special Projects and Initiatives: Projects that utilize the unique set of skills possessed by IPED Office staff, are assigned to the IPED Office or that primarily fall within the realm of Economic Development and Innovation.

To assist in carrying out these functions, the IPED Office has developed standard operating practices consistent with its responsibility to the public, the University, and its faculty, staff and students.

The IPED office also references number of policies and forms.  Two of those items are found below.