NOHFC Regular (administrative) Internships: One Position Available

Regular (administrative) Internships:  One Position Available

Lakehead University will have one NOHFC administrative-related internship (out of its quota of two administrative-related placements) becoming available in the fall through the NOHFC Northern Ontario Internship Program.  The internal deadline for the submission of regular internship applications to the Office of Research ( is August 6, 2018. If more than one application is received, an internal competition will need to be held to determine which one application will be submitted to the NOHFC.  Final decisions will be made by the Executive Team Working Group.

Under the administrative call, preference will be given to applications from Lakehead University administrative units.


General Information on NOHFC Youth Internship Program

Under the internship program, Funding is available for organizations located in Northern Ontario to provide first time full-time employment in a related field to recent university and  college graduates. The program will support innovation, economic/community development and capacity building within communities. Through this program, eligible not-for-profit and public sector organizations located in Northern Ontario are potentially eligible to receive a conditional contribution of up to 90 percent of a recent graduate’s salary to a maximum contribution of $31,500. Please note that the NOHFC contribution does not include benefits costs. Benefits costs (an additional 14%)are the responsibility of the grantee.

It is important to note that NOHFC funding under this program, when combined with other provincial and federal government sources, will generally not exceed 90 per cent of eligible costs for public sector employers. Applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • The opportunity for the internship to result in a full-time permanent job 
  • The quality of the skill development opportunity 
  • The type of training being proposed by the employer, and
  • The work plan/supervision method. Direct supervision must be provided daily by an onsite supervisor.
For more information about the program, please click here.