Internal Call for Applications: Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) – Youth Internship Program Research Internships: Two Positions Available

Internal Call for Applications: Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) – Youth Internship Program

 Research Internships: Two Positions Available

Lakehead University has two NOHFC research-related internships (out of its quota of five research-related placements) available through the NOHFC Youth Internship Program. The internal deadline for the submission of internship applications to the Office of Research Services is August 1, 2013. If more than two applications are received, an internal competition will need to be held.


Review Process

As part of the internal review process, applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Senate Research Committee.  Following this internal review and ranking, applications will be sent to the local Ministry of Northern Development and Mines staff for review prior to submission to the NOHFC to ensure internships meet the definition of research as defined by the NOHFC.  Once MNDM has deemed internships meet their research criteria, internship applications will be submitted to the NOHFC by the University.

Please note that for a proposal to be considered as being a research internship, the application must be written so as to meet the definition of research shown below.  Researchers seeking administrative support for a research project will not be considered by the NOHFC as a research internship:

 Research involves a critical or scientific inquiry aimed at the discovery of new facts, new knowledge, or the development of new interpretations or applications.

Research internship applications that are deemed by the NOHFC to not be research-related in nature will be rejected by the NOHFC.

Please note that this call for applications refers only to the NOHFC's Youth Internship Program, and not to the Co-op Program.  A separate call for proposals has been made under the Co-op Program soon. For more information about the program and to access the required forms, please go to the following address:


 General Information on NOHFC Youth Internship Program

Under the internship program, funding is available for eligible employers located in Northern Ontario to provide first-time employment in a related field to recent university and college graduates from Northern Ontario. Through this program, eligible Northern Ontario employers are provided with a conditional contribution of up to 90 per cent of a recent Northern Ontario graduate's salary to a maximum of $27,500 annually (for public sector employers). Please note that the NOHFC contribution does not include benefits costs. Benefits costs are the responsibility of the grantee.

It is important to note that NOHFC funding under this program, when combined with other provincial and federal government sources will generally not exceed 90 per cent of eligible costs for public sector employers.

 Applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

· The opportunity for the internship to result in a full-time permanent job

· The quality of the skill development opportunity

· The type of training being proposed by the employer, and

· The work plan/supervision method. 

Under this program, the NOHFC identifies eligible internship candidates as being Northern Ontario secondary school graduates 29 years of age or under recently graduated from an accredited college or university. Candidates who have graduated from a high school outside of Northern Ontario but have been residing in Northern Ontario for a minimum of one year would be eligible. As well, an internship period will not normally exceed one year.