Completing your NSERC CCV: Start Early; Don't Delay!

NSERC Common CV - Complete it Early

This is an urgent reminder to faculty members applying for an NSERC Discovery Grant this year:  The Common CV (CCV)  and NSERC's new Research Portal are now part of the submission process of the Notification of Intent to Apply

The NSERC Funding CV (the NSERC version of the CCV) will require a major time commitment on your part  to complete the first time.  Therefore, researchers are strongly encouraged to begin working on their NSERC CCVs far in advance of the August 1 deadline.  Completing the NSERC CCV just prior to the August 1 deadline could jeopardize the submission of your Notification of Intent to Apply.  Don't delay!


For support with the Research Portal and the NSERC CCV, please contact the NSERC On-line Services Helpdesk by e-mail at or by telephone at 613-995-4273. 

Workshops/Information Sessions

There will be an NSERC CCV workshop on June 10 (organized by the Office of Research Services) and an information session on June 26 (organized by NSERC).  For more information, please go to:

Important Information

To link your completed NSERC CCV to your NOI, you must save a copy of your NSERC CCV on your computer as an XML file and then attach it to your NOI using the NSERC Research Portal.