CFI gets into consultation mode

Through the 2012 Economic Action Plan, the Government of Canada has provided the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) with $ 500 million in support of its core activities. In addition, the 2013 Economic Action Plan announced that $225 million of unallocated interest income generated by the CFI will be committed to “advanced research infrastructure priorities and sustaining the long-term operations of the Foundation”. More specifically, these funds are to be used to enrich the next major CFI open competition, sustain CFI’s operations, support cyber-infrastructure and respond to evolving priorities approved by the Minister of Industry.

As in the past, the CFI is consulting with Canada’s academic, government and industry sectors to explore current and emerging issues facing the research community, determine the value and appropriateness of the present program parameters, and identify any program adjustments that would help the CFI meet its overall objectives.

The CFI requests that its various stakeholders consider what adjustments, if any, are necessary to its funding mechanisms in order that they can better meet the needs of the research community and achieve the objectives set out in the CFI mandate and funding agreements with the Government of Canada.

You are invited to submit your comments in writing by July 15, 2013.

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