PhD in Mechanical Engineering

The PhD program in Mechanical Engineering is designed to train independent researchers. The students are called upon to perform highly specialized and original research that makes a distinct contribution of knowledge to one of the major focus areas of our program: mechatronics, vibration control, diagnostics, prognostics, alternative energy, energy harvesting, engines, dynamics, design and manufacturing.

The PhD in Mechanical Engineering satisfies the demand in academia and industry for highly qualified personnel in the field of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering. Our PhD program is directed to graduates from the existing Master’s in Engineering programs at Lakehead University and outstanding graduates at the post graduate level from other universities.

The objective of the program is to foster students’ scholarly skills and independent research abilities through a combination of formal course work and dissertation (research) work. This PhD program includes the general areas of specialization in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering.

Under the direct supervision of one of our faculty members, the PhD candidates learn to review the state of current technical knowledge in an engineering research area, to identify strengths and weaknesses in this research and to devise a new research initiative to contribute to the area. Students must carry out this research project with objectivity and care, and they are expected to document and publish their results in internationally recognized journals and conferences. 

After completing the PhD in Mechanical Engineering program, graduates will be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding that are at the forefront of the field within the academic discipline.
  2. Demonstrate broad knowledge of relevant information outside their area but pertinent to the research being undertaken.
  3. Evaluate different research methodologies used in the field.
  4. Articulate gaps in existing scholarship in the field and identify an original question/problem for study worthy of peer-review/examination.
  5. Reflect on and evaluate the research process constantly and revise it as needed to accommodate unforeseen problems that arise.
  6. Assume a leading role in independently designing and conducting original research project(s) that will generate new knowledge in the field.
  7. Relate the theoretical research foundations to applied research foundations within the discipline at an advanced level.
  8. Demonstrate independence in research work, including autonomous learning, creative thinking, critical thinking, collegiality in exchanging ideas, and problem-solving.
  9. Demonstrate originality in tackling and solving problems and autonomy in planning and executing of research.
  10. Learn and work collegially in varied environments.
  11.  Be cognizant of employment opportunities that require the technical skills and the professional judgement gained from doctoral studies.
  12. Articulate and practice disciplinary, health and safety regulations.
  13. Communicate about research in the field using clear and effective oral and written expression using evidence-based reasoning and critical thinking skills.
  14. Engage in complex discussions about research area professionally.
  15. Interrogate the accuracy and ethical boundaries of humanly-constructed nature of arguments and interpretations throughout the research process.
  16. Identify the limitations inherent to different kinds of evidence, methods, and theoretical approaches.
  17. Articulate the contributions of findings and perspectives found in other disciplines that lead to greater understanding in one’s own field.

Admission Requirements for PhD

Applicants for admission must be graduates of a recognized university and show evidence of scholarly achievement. Except where otherwise stated in the Admission Requirements of a particular program, students must have a Masters degree or its equivalent with an academic average as specified by the academic unit. An applicant holding a degree other than one in the discipline area to which admission is sought will be considered on the basis of Master's courses taken and academic standing. 

Meeting the minimum requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission. No candidate will be admitted unless the academic unit recommends admission. All applicants will be advised in writing by the Office of Graduate Studies of their admission status.

Graduate Funding

At Lakehead University, we realize the importance of financial support for graduate students.

Therefore, financial assistance opportunities are available in several forms and are generally awarded to students by individual programs on the basis of academic promise and financial need.

The different funding options available include:

For your convenience, a searchable database of graduate scholarships, bursaries, and awards is provided below. Award eligibility, criteria, and application procedures for graduate funding is indicated for each award. Please use the general search tool to find available funding by program. Alternatively, you may also click the advanced search link to specify available funding by program level, award category and/or award amount.

Although financial support cannot be guaranteed to all graduate students in all programs, we encourage you to inquire about financial assistance with your Graduate Coordinator in your program of study. You may also contact the Graduate Funding Officer in the Faculty of Graduate Studies to learn more about your graduate funding options.

Conditions of Graduate Awards

Graduate scholarships are based on academic merit. Graduate bursaries are based on financial need, although there may be a merit component to the bursary. Where the award designates that an application is required, only those students who have submitted the specified application by the deadline will be considered for those awards. Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered. Only successful applicants will be notified.

Recipients of scholarships, awards and bursaries must be registered in order to receive funding. Graduate awards are applied to any outstanding balance on the student's account. Students are entitled to their awards only after their fees are paid in full. Only students with credit account balances will be refunded the balance of the overpayment. Overpayment refunds of these awards will be issued at the end of September, January and May each year.

The University reserves the right to make changes without prior notice to the terms, conditions and award values listed in this section and in the University Calendar.

The most up-to-date internal awards and applications are on our new award system MyAwards

Graduate Studies Funding Database

Required Application Documents

Applicants for admission must be graduates of an accredited university, college, or institute as well as show evidence of scholarly achievement. Except where otherwise stated in the admission requirements of a particular program, domestic degree students must have a four year bachelor's degree or its equivalent with at least (B) based on their last 20 half courses or equivalent. We recommend that International applicants have an overall standing of Second Class - Upper Division or higher.

Meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee admission. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will advise all applicants in writing of admission decisions once they are received from the program. Applicants are encouraged to regularly monitor their Lakehead University email and application portal for the most current information.

The first step in the application process is to complete the online graduate studies application form.

After you have submitted the online form along with the required $125 CAD application fee, you will be provided with an online account where you can complete the remaining steps of the application process which include uploading the required supporting documents and monitoring the status of your application.

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After you have applied 

After you have submitted the online application form, you can access your account here. Any change in your application status will be reflected in this portal.

Graduate Studies Reference Form
  • An electronic reference form will be automatically sent by email to the references you identify on the graduate studies application form
  • This form is requested in support of the applicant's ability to undertake advanced study and research
Official Transcript
Proof of Degree
Program Specific Supporting Documents (If required)
  • For a list of program specific documents, please see this program's Additional Application Information section (if required, see above)
Official English Test Results (If required)
Additional Application Information

In addition to the general admission requirements for PhD programs, applicants must also submit:

  • A curriculum vitae (CV) that details the applicant’s academic and professional history, research experience, and publications.
  • A Research Statement (no more than one page) demonstrating the proposed research project, methodology, and importance.

Supervisor Information

For a list of potential supervisors and their research areas, please click the following link:

Next Steps

Registration Procedures

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