Olivia Di Matteo

HBSc, Mathematical Physics
Year: 3rd

What do you like best about science at Lakehead?

I really like the small size of my department; it allows you to get to know the faculty on a much more personal level and there are many opportunities for one-to-one instruction. Most times I have a question or get stuck on a problem, I'm able to just drop by an office and ask - the profs are super helpful. As well, there are many opportunities for research at Lakehead and undergraduates can pursue some pretty intensive projects and use some very expensive equipment.

Why did you select your program?

Physics studies everything in the universe and can explain just about anything. The subject explores a great many topics from black holes to subatomic particles and exhibits many different facets of study including optics, astrophysics, and condensed matter. I have many interests in the field including time and why it only has one direction, extra dimensions in space, and black holes.

What activities are you involved in outside the classroom?

I had the opportunity to intern last summer at the Thunder Bay Research Institute. I am also currently working as a marker for math and physics courses and am on the Science Department Speaker Committee, which organizes science presentations for Lakehead students by experts in various fields. As well, I have played the piano and the organ for many years. I play the organ for my church and, until recently, played bass for the Thunder Bay Youth Big Band.

What are your future aspirations?

I would like to pursue research in the mathematical/theoretical areas but I would definitely enjoy teaching these subjects at the university level. I've really enjoyed my time at Lakehead and I would similarly like to see future students benefit from a positive undergraduate experience, before launching into various physics-based careers.