Mohammad Haider Hassan

Program: MSc, Biology
Year: 1st

What do you like best about science at Lakehead?

I like the fact that professors are easily accessible and able to communicate science in a very academic and articulate manner. As a graduate student, I find the lectures very useful and the assignments tailored to improve our critical thinking. Speaking of science, I like the fact that you are only a few steps away from wilderness where you can experience nature in its unhindered form.

Why did you select your program?

I found my Masters project really interesting: extraction of phytochemicals from plants, through which I may find a cure for infections and cancer. Ethno pharmacological research is not presently offered in most other universities. I also plan to transfer into the biotechnology PhD, and Lakehead is one of the few universities that offer it in Canada.

What activities are you involved in outside the classroom?

I was part of the Science Olympics committee and was given the opportunity to create and host events for grade 9-12 students. It was an incredibly enjoyable and exhilarating experience. I am also supervising a thesis project for a fourth year student, which is a very unique experience for me.

In addition, I tutor grade high school kids, am part of World Vision, and serve as the Associate Chief Justice of LUSU. I enjoy working out at the hangar and playing piano. I also have a cute puppy that I like to take on entirely bizarre and random walks.

What are your future aspirations?

I want to complete my PhD in biotechnology at LU and then enter medical school. My dream is to become involved in the highest grade of research in the pharmaceutical industry and maintain proximity to patients. I particularly want to work for deprived children in third world countries (i.e. Sudan, Pakistan etc.).