Matt Agombar

Program: HBSc, Environmental Science and Geography
Year: 3rd

What do you like best about science at Lakehead?

I appreciate that it's a very student-friendly department; professors and TA's are always eager to help. I also really enjoy the small class sizes - I know my professors, they know me. When we have class discussions, everyone has a chance to participate and questions about the course materials are addressed in depth. It's nice to not just be a number, you're treated as a person.

Why did you select your program?

My program is a blend of two sciences that I am very interested in. In particular, I am most intent on studying the impacts that humans are having on the environment and learning about renewable energy sources. My program also seems to offer the best of both worlds - informative lectures and labs with many an opportunity to take what we learn outdoors. I've really enjoyed the number of field trips I've been able to participate in and have travelled to sites such as Mount Mckay, MacIntyre River, and Williams Bog.

What activities are you involved in outside the classroom?

I really like working outside. I've been employed at Staal's Soil and Sod for 7 yrs, which provides residential and commercial landscaping services. I also spend a lot of time working on vehicles. I've always enjoyed outdoors sports like quading and snowmobiling and playing frisbee and soccer at the university. Finally, I tutor for Quantitative Methods, a second-year geography class.

What are your future aspirations?

After the completion of my degree, I would really like to pursue a Masters in environmental engineering. I'm particularly interested in conducting impact assessments prior to projects, plans, or programs that may pose danger to the environmental surroundings.