Exams, Tests and Assignments

We suggest developing a clear grading rubric for each assignment (especially presentations and creative assignments). A rubric will communicate to students how their work will be evaluated, and will typically include a numerical breakdown of the necessary components . Sharing your rubric with students ahead of time will allow them to glean (and focus on) the important components of the assignment, while also providing support for your assessments and reducing the number of students challenging their grades.

Marking Standards, GA's and Markers

The course Instructor is responsible for ensuring that you understand the marking rubric. Do not hesitate to contact the Instructor if you have questions. Marking must be completed in a timely manner so that the Instructor can review and process the grades before handing back the assignments. There will be times in the term when you will have higher levels of work than usual, and you need to plan your own work accordingly. A GA’ship and a Marker position is a paid job, with deadlines that need to be met unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Test or Assignments in Last Week of Classes, Instructors

You cannot set an in-class test of any kind in the last 5 days of classes, and cannot set a test or assignment due date in the period between the end of classes and the start of exams.


The Administrative Assistant can’t accept assignments en masse for classes. We know that occasionally students will bring their work to the main office, and in those cases, she’ll date it and put the assignment in your mailbox, but please don’t tell the class to hand in their assignments at the main office for you to pick up.


If you plan to hold an exam, watch for the email from The Administrative Assistant requesting exam info.

  1. Exam Cover Page
  2. Booklets: If your class isn’t writing in the Fieldhouse, order exam booklets through The Admininstrative  Assistant (and remember to pick them up on the exam day).
  3. Invigilation: If you’re not writing in the Fieldhouse, you are responsible for invigilating your exam.
  4. Special Exams: Students who fail the course with 40-49% can apply to rewrite the final exam. Please direct students who approach you about their final grade in this range to the Registrar’s office.