Exam Regulations

Before writing your examinations, it is important that you are aware of the Exam Regulations of the university. 

As a student, you are responsible for understanding and adhering to the University Regulations for Examinations. You are required to review the regulations prior to your examinations and follow the regulations during the exam. The regulations can be found in the Academic Calendar, University Regulations, IV ExaminationsIf you do not comply with the examination regulations, you are subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct. 

The Exam Regulations cover items such as:

  • Students are responsible to verify the day, time and location of their scheduled examination. Students are required to attend all examinations that are prescribed in any courses in which they are registered.

  • Students will be admitted to the examination room no more than 10 minutes before the examination is scheduled to commence. Students are not permitted to begin the examination, or attempt to review the examination in any way, until instructed to do so by the Invigilator.

  • Bags, purses, cases and any other belongings must be inaccessible to students during the exam. The Invigilator will assign a designated area where these items can be placed. The University is not responsible for personal property brought into or left in the examination room. Students are advised not to bring these items with them to the examination.

  • Coats and hats cannot be worn during the examination. These items must be placed in the designated area. Traditional/religious dress wear is acceptable.

  • No student may enter the examination after the first hour of the allowed examination time. When entering the examination location after the official start time of the examination, the student must notify the Invigilator or Instructor/Designate.

  • Students must present, and place, their Lakehead University Student I.D. card on the desk and sign the attendance sheet when presented to them. Students without their Lakehead University Student I.D. will not be permitted to write the examination and will be asked to leave the examination room until the Lakehead University Student I.D. is presented. Students will only be permitted back into the examination room, with their Lakehead University Student I.D., within the first hour of the allowed examination time.

Should you have any questions during the exam, please discuss with your Instructor or the Exam Invigilator for clarification.