Media, Film and Communications

The Media, Film and Communications program at Lakehead is a unique program that offers hands-on and classroom learning, in addition to experiential learning. The program will focus on various forms of media and communication, with a special emphasis on film and video production.

Classes in Media, Film, and Communications can contribute to any of the following program options: 

  • a major HBASc degree (involving at least 10 FCEs of MDST courses)
  • a discipline within the Interdisciplinary Studies degree (involving 5 FCEs of MDST courses)
  • a minor within any degree program (involving 3 FCEs of MDST courses)
  • or just an elective.

Our instructors emphasize teaching industry standard methods of media production to prepare students for careers in media. Our program provides small class sizes, an internship program, and the option to display your fourth-year creative projects in our annual Media Arts Showcase.

The Media Arts Showcase, normally held in March-April, is a public catered social event and end of year party to celebrate all the hard work students have put into the program. All Media, Film and Communications students are eligible to participate and may also assist in organizing the Showcase in their fourth year.

Emilie Michalik -- "Lyon Again"

Theresa VandeBurgt -- "A Diary Film"

The foundation of the Media, Film and Communication program includes courses include a mixture of creative hands-on courses such as Digital Photography, Sound Production and Video Production, and critical analysis courses such as Media Criticism, Film Studies and Anti-Racist and Indigenous Media. More information about courses can be located in the Course Calendar and on the Courses and Equipment page.  

We hope that you will consider this exciting and innovative new program that will help you build toward a career in the growing media, film, and communications industries in Canada and globally.

How To Apply

Please review the application process on the Admission Requirements page located here

Students are required to submit their portfolios to Prof. Alice den Otter before the admission deadline.


Transfer Options from College

There is a transfer program from Graphic Design programs in Ontario.

Learn more about Admission and Transfer credits