Media, Film and Communications

Media, Film and Communications at Lakehead is a unique program that offers hands-on digital media labs in conjunction with classroom and experiential learning about media and communications with a special emphasis on film and video production. With  new production technologies and leading expert instructors, Media, Film and Communications  provides the tools and skills  you will need for a career in the film industry, as a communications strategist, or in any field requiring multimedia expertise. Genres of media studied, produced and experienced may include: Film and Video, Audio and Sound Recording, Photography, Advertising, Print Media, Media, and Social Media platforms and apps ranging from Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr and the newest digital trends.

The uniqueness of our program is derived from our small classes, the internship program, your fourth-year creative projects, and our annual Media Arts Showcase.

Emilie Michalik -- "Lyon Again"

Theresa VandeBurgt -- "A Diary Film"

With small class sizes you receive more direct input and interaction with the instructor which helps you to build stronger skills faster. Our approachable instructors are world-renowned media analysts, such as Dr. Sandra Jeppesen, and film and other media producers, such as Chelsea McMullan, Jason O'Hara, and Shannon Harris. Building on your producation courses, the internship program provides experiential learning opportunities in the industry at placements including: Sunshine Radio, Rogers TV, and Flashback Photography, as well as in the non-profit cultural sector, including: Orillia Museum of Art and History, the YMCA, the Orillia Opera House, and the Sharing Place Food Bank. Internships provide work experience and professional mentorship on a weekly basis. Placements often result in paid employment for students and always support your development as a media, film and communications professional.

As a culmination of your production classes, upper-year students organize an annual Media Arts Showcase in March-April to show off all of your media work to friends, family, students, professors, and the public. Your videos, artwork, soundscapes, Vlogs, blogs, podcasts, social media campaigns, fourth-year projects and more will be screened or displayed in an artistic space open to the public. It is a catered social event and end of year party that is always well attended. The excitement in seeing your own creative work and that of others is an excellent way to finish off each year.

So what will you be studying? Getting down to the foundation of the program, courses you will have the opportunity to take include a mixture of creative hands-on courses and critical analysis courses, such as the following:


  • Digital Photography
  • Creative Music and Sound Arts
  • Sound Production & Post-Production
  • Computer Art
  • Video Production & Advanced Video Production
  • Documentary Film Production
  • Experimental Cinema


  • Alternative New Media
  • Media Criticism
  • Digital Technology and Society
  • Surveillance and Society
  • Sexuality in Media
  • Anti-Racist and Indigenous Media
  • Media, Culture & Society
  • Photography Studies
  • Crime, Media, and Culture
  • Film Studies
  • Queer Studies
  • Media and Environmental Justice
  • Media Framing of Immigration

We hope that you will join us in this exciting and innovative new program that will help you build toward a career in the growing media, film and communications industries in Canada and globally.

Transfer Options from College

There is a transfer program from Graphic Design programs in Ontario.

Learn more about Admission and Transfer credits.