Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers undergraduate programs through its Honours Bachelor of Arts and Sciences and Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degrees, including majors in Interdisciplinary Studies, Criminology, and Media Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

The core IS degree options provide students with specialized instruction in chosen academic disciplines, knowledge of problem-based learning strategies through innovative Inquiry classes, and a broad understanding of key themes in Arts and Sciences topics. College transfer options allow students with a diploma to undertake an accelerated program of university study leading to a degree.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major with Concentration 

Students enrolled in the HBASc IS Major can register in a unique interdisciplinary concentration allowing them to stream Inquiry classes and package courses from their chosen disciplines and electives focusing on a specific interdisciplinary theme.  Currently, concentrations are available in Human Nature, International Conflict & Human Rights, and Social Justice, with a fourth concentration in Environment in Politics and Culture being planned.

Criminology Major

The Criminology Major provides students with a comprehensive grounding in Criminology topics in both the Social Sciences and Humanities and the Sciences.  A college transfer option to enter the Criminology program is available.

Media, Film and Communications Major

The Media, Film and Communications Major allows students to approach the study of media through innovative theoretical approaches in concert with practical, hands-on training in diverse production methods. A college transfer option to enter the Media, Film and Communications Program is available.

Concurrent IS/Education Majors

Students interested in a teaching career can enroll in concurrent HBASc/BEd and BASc/BEd degrees at the Orillia campus that combine the IS Major with a Bachelor of Education program at the Primary/Junior level. The HBASc/BEd concurrent option can be combined with a concentration.