Criminology Programs

Criminology involves the study of crime, including victimization, criminality, and criminal justice agents and institutions among other areas. The field is multi-disciplinary, including Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, and various other academic fields.

At Lakehead University, you will have the option to major, specialize, or minor in Criminology. The Criminology Program emphasizes a practitioner orientation, with a variety of courses that introduce and familiarize students with the Canadian criminal justice system. Three thematic areas of focus run throughout the Program’s course offerings: (1) social justice and human rights, (2) law and legal institutions, and (3) forensic science and criminalistics.

As a program graduate, you will be well situated to, among other things, consider careers in:

  • Law enforcement (e.g., policing, border security)
  • Corrections (e.g., institutions, probation)
  • Social work (e.g., victims’ services organizations, offender rehabilitation programs) 

Or, to apply to further schooling that opens up additional career opportunities, such as:

  • Law school
  • Teacher education  
  • Graduate school

A sample of courses in the Criminology Program at Lakehead includes:

  • Youth Crime
  • Cyber-Crime
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Policing
  • Death Investigation
The Lakehead Advantage

Lakehead Orillia offers a unique campus experience, being intimate in size and exceptionally modern in its facilities. The intimate learning environment facilitates a close and interactive student experience from first year, providing undergraduate students with opportunities to easily acquaint themselves with professors in the Criminology Program and become involved with professors’ research projects.

Criminology Degree Programs