Dr. C. Nathan Hatton Guest Speaker on Champlain Society's Podcast Witness to Yesterday

Patrice Dutil  on Witness to Yesterday, talks with Dr. Hatton of Lakehead University about the evolution of wrestling in Winnipeg and Manitoba from the 1880s to the 1930s. He is an Assistant Professor to the Department of History and  also the Public History Program Coordinator for the department.

“Dr. Hatton in the podcast on Witness to Yesterday covers the evolution of the sport from its Indigenous origins and how it reflected the tensions between amateurs and professionals. Dutil and Hatton discuss the enduring popularity of the sport. Hatton explores wrestling as a social phenomenon intimately bound up with debates around respectability, ethnicity, race, class, and idealized conceptions of masculinity.”

Click on the link to listen to the podcast aired December 11, 2020 with interviewer Patrice Dutil, produced by Jessica Schmidt .