New Publication on the Spanish Civil War

The Department of History is pleased to announce Dr. Nicolas Lépin’s latest publication on the Spanish Civil War. “El Belga: het miltair hospitaal van het Internationaal Solidariteitsfonds dat Cover of Brood and Rozenniemand kende - Spanje, 1937-1939" (El Belga : the military hospital of the International Solidarity Fund that no one knew - Spain, 1937-1939) is the feature article in the latest edition of Brood & Rozen: Tijdshrift voor de geschiedenis van sociale bewegingen, (Bread and Roses: Magazine for the History of Social Movements), a publication of the at the University of Gent. The article focuses on a Belgian military hospital in Spain during the Civil War. Dr. Lépin’s work on the Interactional Brigades has received considerable acclaim and he is sharing his knowledge with Lakehead students this year with his courses on European History.