Dr. Lindsay Galway - Flipping Online Learning in Public Health Graduate Education

Dr. Lindsay Galway, Associate Professor, had one of her articles featured in a recent issue of Public Health Learning and On-line Education, which is distributed by the Network of Schools and Programs of Population and Public Health Canada.

Flipping Online Learning in Public Health Graduate Education

This article describes the implementation and evaluation of a master’s-level Environmental and Occupational Health course, a required course in a Master of Public Health program at a mid-sized Canadian university. The course was designed using a flipped classroom approach and delivered online using a learning management system and interactive web-conferencing technology. Using a pre- and postsurvey design, we assessed improvements in student’s self-reported knowledge and skills, student learning experiences in the course, and the impact of specific course components on critical thinking and student engagement. Our results suggest that this approach enabled the achievement of course learning outcomes and provided positive learning experiences overall.