Four Geology undergrads awarded prestigious NSERC - USRA

Four Geology undergrads were awarded prestigious  NSERC – Undergraduate Student Research Awards.  These awards will allow them to spend the summer working with Drs. Diochon and Fralick.  Carina Leale and Ruth Orloci-Goodison will be working with Dr. Diochon whereas Sophie Kurucz and Teagan Ojala  will be working with Dr. Fralick.  Ruth’s study will compare the effect of forest harvesting and wildfire on the carbon associated with crystalline clays, short-range order iron and aluminum phases and polyvalent cations using multiple analytical techniques.  Carina will use isotopes (137Cs, 210Pb, 14C and 13C) to trace the transformation and transport of soil organic carbon in the profiles of forest soils disturbed by harvesting and fire. Meanwhile Sophie will be investigating a Paleoproterozoic glacial unit and overlying carbonate cap whereas Teegan is going to undertake 3-D modelling of the 1.83 Ga Rove turbidite apron.