Lakehead participating in Footprints: Changing the Future of Mineral Exploration project (LU's contribution led by Dr. P. Hollings)

Lakehead University will collaborate with numerous Canadian universities in the largest NSERC Collaborative Research and Development grant ever awarded.

This $11-million project will draw on the expertise of a Canadian university-based research team, as well as the mining and mineral exploration industry, to give geologists the next generation of high-tech tools to identify the subtle markers, or "footprints," of ore deposits far beneath the surface and accelerate the discovery of new mineral resources.

Lakehead's contribution will be led by Dr. Pete Hollings from the Department of Geology, who will be the co-leader on the Copper Module of the study investigating the Highland Valley porphyry system in B.C.

Of the grant's total value of $11,834,046, NSERC is contributing $5,078,596, industry is adding $2,841,000, and the in-kind from industry is worth $3,914,450.