Anne Hammond - Recipient of the 2010 Award to Staff for Outstanding Performance

Anne Hammond has worked with the Department of Geology for more than 25 years and during that time has performed outstanding work as a Technician. Her colleagues commend her for her dedication and her willingness "to go that extra distance."  In fact her Department Chair, Dr. Stephen Kissin, has said, "It is difficult to imagine how we could carry the scope of our teaching and research activities without her."

Anne is well known for the quality of her work, which
is mainly the preparation of thin sections, which the Department of Geology uses on a daily basis to identify rocks and to train students. The manufacture of these sections is a delicate, high-precision activity, and the sections Anne produces are said by many Lakehead faculty members to be "among the finest
in the world."  Anne prepares hundreds of samples
a year − work that takes her far beyond a normal working day − and it is not unusual to see Anne in her lab evenings and weekends finishing work.

Over the years, Anne Hammond has been involved in the training of many graduate and undergraduate students, providing them with the skills they need to complete their research. She has also been a willing and enthusiastic participant in activities of the Department including outreach activities such as public displays and student recruitment.

Congratulations Anne!