Lakehead's Dr. Peter Hollings Wins 2008 William Harvey Gross Award

Lakehead Universityis pleased to announce that Associate Geology Professor Dr.Peter Hollings is the recipient of the 2008 Gross Award.    

The William Harvey Gross Award is bestowed annually by the Mineral Deposits Division (MDD) to a geoscientist less than 40 years of age who has made a significant contribution to the field of economic geology in a Canadian context. The contribution on which the award is based may relate to studies that include all aspects of what is generally referred to as economic geology, and which represents the broad spectrum of fields to which William Gross contributed. These areas include mineral exploration and development, either applied or fundamental scientific research, and field-based studies.

The award consists of a medal and two cash supplements. The first is a cash award drawn from an endowed fund provided by Corona Corp. The second is a contribution toward the travel expenses for the recipient as well as his or her partner when attending the annual luncheon of MDD where the award is formally presented.