Department of English Contact Information

There are a number of people in our Department who can assist you with any questions, problems or concerns you may have:

  • First point of contact: Administrative Assistant
  • Help with guidance, program assistance, course overload and other concerns: Department Chair
  • Help with information about the Graduate program: Graduate Coordinator

Administrative Assistant:

           Cindy Haggerty


           Office: RB 3029

           Phone: (807) 343-8010 ext. 8292

Department Chair:

           Dr. Anna Guttman; Professor


           Office: Ryan Building 3045

           Phone: (807) 343-8010 ext. 8281

Graduate Coordinator:

           Dr. Rachel Warburton, Associate Professor


           Office: Ryan Building (RB) 3036

           Phone: (807) 343-8010 ext 8374