Undergraduate Programs

We offer a four-year Honours Bachelor of Science (Honours BSc) (Bioinformatics Major) and a non-entry four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Bioinformatics Major). Core courses in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science provide an understanding of the complex interactions in living systems, the physical and chemical nature of the living environment and the impact each have on the other. The first year of the program is an introduction to the science involved in studying Bioinformatics. Each successive year increasingly emphasizes the application of previously learned principles to living systems.

We advise you, a Bioinformatics major, to consult with the program co-ordinator in planning your program. Students entering or proceeding in Honours programs must seek counselling for thesis planning in year three of their program.

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Note: For information about our Core Courses and our recommended Electives, see our Bioinformatics Core Courses & Recommended Electives page