Orillia Meal Plan

Orillia Campus Residence -  Meal Plan 

All Access Dining and Declining Balance Dollars (DB$)

A daily meal plan is included with your residence package at Lakehead University Orillia Campus.  Lakehead University Orillia offers all residence students "All Access Dining", a more flexible dining experience and only a short 2-minute walk from residence!  This plan provides students more value for your dollar and allows students to eat as much or as little as they want in the Residence Dining Hall. 

Declining Balance Dollars ("DB Dollars") work similar to money on a debit card, and are stored with a student's meal plan information on their Lakehead University Student ID Card.  Every time a purchase is made using DB Dollars, the total purchase cost is subtracted from the dollar balance on the student card.  DB Dollars can be used anywhere on campus where food service is operated by the campus caterer. Top ups are available in increments of $100.00.

For any additional information regarding your student meal plan, or if you wish to discuss specific dietary needs, please contact Lynn Fortney, Manager, Residence, Food & Conference Services at ext. 3002 or lfortney@lakeheadu.ca

Dana Hospitality 

Dana Hospitality, a local Canadian culinary company, provides daily food service programming for our students, faculty, staff and guests.
Dana Hospitality prepares food from scratch using fresh local ingredients every day. Understanding that high quality ingredients are integral to great food preparation, Dana sources from local Canadian producers, greenhouse growers and dedicated farmers who meet the highest standards. Those ingredients, combined with daily customized menus, ensure that what they deliver will be the best possible taste experience to everyone at Lakehead University.

Dana Hospitality avoids frozen, pre-packaged or processed entrées or canned, freeze-dried or bagged soup. They serve healthy sized portions and prepare their food using healthy cooking techniques. They offer diverse menu options and create their menus based on your preferences. Please don’t hesitate to provide your comments and suggestions to the Chef as this will help in the creation of a program designed for Students and Faculty and Staff.

Menus include hot and cold breakfast and lunch options with vegetarian choices at each, along with a wide variety of fresh and fast options available throughout the day. You will experience freshly prepared soups and entrees (low sodium), in house roasted beef and turkey, hand formed burgers and fresh-cut fries, homemade dressings, sauces and desserts and so much more!

Dana Hospitality's blend of local sourcing, culinary craftsmanship and inherently healthy menu choices allows our campus community to enjoy great food, great taste experiences and a wide selection of options from which to choose.

Weekly menus are posted on a dedicated website; http://lakeheadu.icaneat.ca/  We can't wait to "wow" you!

Meal Plan Choices

Students can choose from two meal plans. Both plans allow students unlimited entry into the Residence Dining Hall during regular hours of operation

7 Day Meal Plan : All Access Dining in the Residence Dining Hall seven days a week + $650.00 declining balance

5 Day Meal Plan : All Access Dining in the Residence Dining Hall Monday to Friday + $650.00 declining balance

Please note, there are no refunds on unused meals and/or DB $ nor do they carry over to the next academic year.

Dining Hall Hours of Operation

2023- 2024



  • Fall: August 31st (opens 7:30am) - December 18th, 2023 (closing 7:30pm)  
  • Winter: January 6th (opens 10:30am) - April 23rd, 2024 (closing 7:30pm)
    • Monday to Friday - 7:30am to 7:30pm
    • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, Fall & Winter Study Weeks: 10:30am to 6:30pm
      • ** Temporary Winter Break Schedule: January 2nd - 5th, 2024 (10:30am to 6:30pm) **




  • Fall:  September 5th - December 21st, 2023 (closing at 2pm)
  • Winter: January 8th - April 26th, 2024
    • Monday to Thursday - 8:00am to 4:00pm (extended hours, closing at 8:00pm September 5th - October 6th and January 8th - February 16th)
    • Friday - 8:00am to 2:00pm
    • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, Fall & Winter Study Weeks: Closed



  • Fall: September 12th - December 7th, 2023
  • Winter: January 16th - April 11th, 2024
    • Tuesdays & Wednesdays - 4:00pm to 10:00pm 


Meal Plans



a) 7-Day Plan:  $4,920.93 + $650.00 DB* =  $5,570.93 (tax exempt) 

Pro-Rated Value only $22.47/Day (219 days)

b) 5-Day Plan (Monday - Friday):  $4,353.95  + $650.00 DB* = $5,003.95 (tax exempt) 

Pro-Rated Value only $28.09/Day (155 days)

* Declining Balance Dollars (DB) are accepted in the Dining Hall, Simcoe Hall Café and Public House.  


Sample Weekly Menu

Residence Dining Hall Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations are enforced by Management. Violations may result in appropriate Disciplinary Actions.

  1. Entry requires a valid Meal Plan Card or Cash/Credit Card/Debit payment. 
  2. Dining Hall Patrons are required to clear their soiled dishes to the Scraping Station.
  3. Dishes, cutlery and other items are not to be removed from the Dining Hall.
  4. Food is not be removed from the Dining Hall for students on the Board Meal Plan.  Retail purchases are exempt and may be purchased for take-out.
  5. Your Meal Plan Card is for Your Use Only. It is not transferable. Do not lend your card to anyone else otherwise it may be confiscated. 
  6. Dining Hall Patrons are required to use the provided utensils for self service items in order to prevent contamination. 
  7. Be respectful of your surroundings, your fellow patrons and the service providers. 
  8. Dining Hall Patrons are required to wear appropriate footwear and clothing at all times.
  9. Residence Community Standards apply at the Dining Hall. 
Covid-19 : Service style may change at any time due to escalating or de-escalating governmental or health unit restrictions. Students will be given as much notice as possible when these changes are mandated.

Withdrawal - Meal Plan Cancellation Policy & Meal Plan Change Request

Withdrawal: Meal Plan 2023-2024

Meal Plan Change Requests: 

Meal Plans may be changed within the first 7 days of the Fall semester or the first 7 days of the Winter semester.  Please visit the Front Desk to complete your request form.