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Peer Mentor Program

Please note that Lakehead University International Peer Mentor Program (PMP) only offers for Fall and Winter Intake Students. 

Lakehead International Student Services offers a Peer Mentor Program to all new international students (including transfer and exchange students) according to their academic level (undergraduate or graduate).

Peer Mentors are seasoned, upper-year students who are Lakehead University Thunder Bay or Orillia Campus, experts. Your peer mentor is your first point of connection and is here to answer all your questions, refer you to campus resources, and help you enhance your study skills for the university environment.

Your Peer Mentor will also help you connect with other students and find community by keeping you in the loop about upcoming events and opportunities.

Connect with a Peer Mentor

Joining the Peer Mentor Program with Lakehead International will help you transition to your new home, adjust to life in Canada and make plenty of friends. Register for the program based on your campus below:

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ATTENTION: If you're a returning student and would like to become a Peer Mentor, please visit our website.

What to Expect From Your Peer Mentor

Your Peer Mentor will be one of the first faces you meet and will continue to support you until the end of your first term at Lakehead University. One month before your academic term starts, your Peer Mentor will be involved in your orientation experience and offer information, guidance, and resources to smooth your transition to university.

Your Peer Mentor is on hand to help with:

  • Making new friends, building community at Thunder Bay or Orillia, and improving study skills.
  • Developing skills in time management, motivation, exam preparation, academic achievement, etc.
  • Providing useful resources or support services whenever you need help, face a challenge, or want to learn about opportunities for growth.
  • Sharing upcoming events and opportunities for involvement at Lakehead University.
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Lakehead International Student Services provides international students with professional development, programming, events, and resources regarding academic, wellness and community engagement. 

If you have any questions about Peer Mentor Program, we welcome you to reach out to us at